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Dec 31, 2021

We wrap up 2021 setting the stage for 2022’s big concept: The DAO! Los Angeles mayoral candidate, Asher Luzzatto, discusses his team’s work with Social Stack developing #angelescoin, a civic engagement reward system. A different approach than CityCoins capital injection model, this coin focuses on social impact through physical participation. What does disintermediation look like for bureaucracy? Tune in for this enlightening discussion and be sure to check out


2:31 - Crypto adoption in LA
3:18 - Thoughts on the MiamiCoins project
4:35 - Could CityCoins bring about a tax-free metropolis?
8:00 - Social Stack is developing “Angelescoin” - how do social rewards act with the middle class?
11:58 - 2021 was year of the NFT, 2022 is year of The DAO!
14:07 - What role does #angelescoin play in helping homeless vets?
20:17 - What does #angelescoin look like in action with IRL participation and QR codes?
23:50 - How social tokens merge a “phygital” world (physical + digital) and what that means for existing structures.
24:57 - What happens when we cut the middleman of bureaucracy?
28:11 - Does the DAO become the union president!?
29:08 - Asking about Asher’s vision of a decentralized, free-market education powered by social tokens.
29:43 - California spends $20,000-$25,000 per student, apply just a fraction of that in a token system.
35:00 - Can society handle decentralized autonomous organizations with conflicting views? Do we need third parties?
35:55 - A discussion on the perils of censorship and suppression


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