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Oct 21, 2021

Decentraland is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to build avatars and explore, develop, and transact in an expansive virtual world. Download the brave browser and a metamask wallet and get ready for the first “Metaverse Festival” October 21-24. Featuring multiple stages, merch booths, VIP lounges and games, attendees can look forward to artists like Deadmau5 and DJ Paris Hilton while they take in the wearables, digital assets, and NFTs all around them.


0:30 - Digital events in the metaverse can eliminate barriers to entry
1:11 - Just like you’d walk around in a mall and see available assets, the metaverse offers digital assets all over the virtual world
1:33 - These are virtual assets with a second life on secondary markets (like #OpenSea) beyond the initial purchase
1:50 - In-game “wearables” (virtual clothing/accessories) have resale value (not like FarmVille or freemium games with their in-game purchases)
2:45 - Web3 uses tokens as a “native currency” just like countries have currencies
3:19 - Back in 2015, the Argentinian developers were using proof-of-work to offer digital real estate in the metaverse. Parcels going for $20 back then have hit 6-digit sales in 2021.
4:00 - Sotheby’s has a plot of land offering collectibles for sale, other retailers want to build close by for digital foot traffic sales.
4:25 - NFTs in the metaverse are a new form of advertising exposure
4:30 - So what do we need to participate in all this fun stuff? A web3 browser (like Brave browser), a digital wallet (like Metamask for Brave browser), and some ETH in your pocket.
4:55 - Your digital wallet is your gateway to the metaverse - it holds all your digital assets, from your $MANA tokens to the LAND you own.
5:40 - How the internet is different from the blockchain internet with your digital wallet
6:40 - Your digital wallet is almost a universal login/password for traveling on the blockchain
7:00 - Yep, we all need Ether (ETH) to pay those pesky gas fees
7:33 - Early adoption is ripe with opportunity!
7:49 - experience is the best teacher, get an avatar and start with the free options
8:00 - dressing your avatar up with wearables
9:37 - Early adopters: this 4 day festival is free! It might not be like this forever!

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