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Dec 9, 2021

Hip-hop artist Cali Stylz and producer Lamar Mackey join us to discuss our collaboration on Cali’s premier NFT of his song #AOTM.

Short for “All Of The Money,” the song weaves cryptocurrency themes throughout, making it the perfect digital asset to gift for the holidays! 

This is just the beginning of Cali’s metaverse journey. Listen to his bigger plans for the #LiggyHabstract creative therapy initiative helping the youth process these times and you’ll definitely be inspired to own this piece of #DigitalAssetClass history.

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1:04 - Cali explains his creative process for “AOTM”
2:02 - Dropping on Rarible 12/18/21, purchase of the NFT unlocks a radio edit, full version, and instrumental of this addictive song! Our team encourages you to share your own hooks & verses over the instrumental on social media
2:35 - Cali explains how hearing the term “NFT” thrown around studios in January of 2021 inspired him to think beyond his music and into moving his physical art pieces
4:15 - We highlight the #LiggyHabstract brand and how Cali is helping the youth use creative therapy (like paint pouring and studio sessions) to deal with depression and mental health issues.
5:40 - Cali comes from a big family of creative people, and they always encouraged him to pursue his music and art dreams.
6:27 - Jacki want to know … How does such a good-hearted guy write the lyrics on his song with Wiz Khalifa?! As Cali says, “rap is a raw sport”!
9:25 - Cali drops some inspiration from being on the hip hop scene for a long time. #grateful and #alwayslearning
10:18 - The NFT revolution should be for everybody, and Cali is an early adopter with a big vision.
11:11 - We get into Pitbull signing a multi-year NFT deal and how these corporate interests can actually help indie and smaller artists access the game
13:09 - Cali’s NFT journey … everyone is on the kick that they can do it themselves, but truly “team work makes the dream work”
14:35 - Discussing the #fomo we can feel in the NFT space
14:50 - Think about all the cool collabs happening with the Bored Apps, Adidas and Nike, the cryptopunks and Gmoney … if you want it, the opportunity is there.
15:05 - Cali uplifts us all with a reminder that the metaverse is so huge, there’s no reason you can’t get your piece. #WAGMI
15:34 - Where does Cali see himself in the NFT space?
15:46 - Teaching it in a creative therapy space, welcoming people to his metaverse sanctuary and having studio sessions.
16:38 - Passion for encouraging young people to take care of this new asset class
17:20 - Discussing the youth capitalizing on NFTs now
17:48 - Wide Open Entertainment owner, Lamar Mackey, jumps in with the real statement ‘WIN! Win, win, win! For everything we are doing as a team collectively!”
18:11 - The togetherness in the NFT space #thatswhatsup
18:29 - Lamar gives more insight on how stressful it is when you try to go things alone or work with the wrong team
18:55 - You know we gotta talk about this neon lady background and the art direction for the AOTM music video 
(available here:
20:30 - Lamar touches on the amount of positive feedback they’ve received for the creative video … not your typical money/girls/grillz shoot
22:00 - top secret info on the brinks truck gif…
23:20 - Alex gets into Cali’s incredible fine art pieces
23:45 - Happy to get this drop out and moving further along the NFT journey!


Sign up for details on the Dec. 18th NFT release on @rarible here:


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